Bert Lee Creative Bio
Phone: (347) 631-9907

• Studied Music Theory and Composition at the New School in New York. (1967-69)

• Studied guitar with Jose Feliciano and guitar theory with Elgin Greene. (1967)

• Toured and recorded with Richard, Cam and Bert (1968-1971)

• Toured and recorded with Central Park Sheiks (1975-1978)

• Served as stage manager for Peter Samelson's Theater of Illusion (1981-1985)

• Worked as a commissioned composer and theatrical producer Key West and New York (1983 to present)

• Has written and produced over fifteen musical albums in the last thirty years.

Designed and executed websites for dozens of clients. (1999 to present)

Bert Lee Musician Performer Computer Graphics Expert


Served as event manager for the world famous sunset celebration in Key West Florida (1984-90, 2005-2013)

Served as chief retoucher, compositor and lay-out artist for Reproductions of New York (1992-2002)

Produced college level tutorials for Adobe and other software programs, employed by and (2004-2005)

Statement of the artist:

In my life I've dedicated myself to my artistic abilities. I consider myself first and foremost a songwriter/composer/musical performer. But plying this trade has brought me into contact with a wide range of artistic experiences, from magic to theatrical production and in recent years to computer as applied to all of the arts. In each case I have devoted myself to the ideal of mastery and creative application. My fondest dream is to leave a legacy of good work and to have developed a reputation as a serious and committed artist.

Personal Recordings

Richard Cam & Bert (Trilogy Records) 1969
Honeysuckle Rose - Central Park Sheiks (Flying Fish) 1976
North Go South - (Mindwire Records) 1983
Poliwogz in Paradise - (Mindwire Records) 1989
Living in the Stream - (Mindwire Records) 1992
Butterfly: The Haunted Prairie - (Mindwire Records) 1998
The Girl in the Golden Atom - (Mindwire Records) 2003
The Big Wide Album - (Mindwire Records) 2005
Rainbow Wine - (Mindwire Records) 2013
Sound Poems of the Robot Boy - (Mindwire Records) 2013
This Time - (Mindwire records) 2017

Commissioned Works

Poliwogz in Paradise (Commissioned by the Monroe County Fine Arts Association, Key West, FL) 1989
The Fisherman and his Wife (play and score commissioned by Children's World Theatre, Key West, FL)1990
Shadows in the Sun (Score commissioned by the Jan McCart Theatre, Key West FL) 1992
Yemanjah (album by Marian Joy Ring which I co-produced and engineered) 1992