Bert Lee Complete Discography
This is a listing of all my albums and recording over the years.
It is not a complete listing of all the songs I've written. That would be about triple the
number on this list. But these are the ones that made it past the Editor in Chief.


Richard, Cam and Bert Album information

1. The Ship : Richard Tucker
2. Evelyn : Bert Lee *
3. My Health is Failin' Me baby : Campbell Bruce
4. Out in the Cold : Campbell Bruce
5. I've Got a Feeling : Bert Lee *
6. Sittin' in the Kitchen : Richard Tucker
7. Without That Girl : Richard Tucker
8. You May Walk Softly : Richard Tucker
9. If You Knew : (Charles E. Smith)
10. Takin' it easy Line : Bert Lee *
11. Mmmmzzzz : Bert Lee *
*All Music ℗ 1969, Bert Lee, All Rights reserved

1969 - New York

Richard Tucker - Guitar and vocals
Campbell Bruce - Guitar, bass and vocals
Bert Lee - Guitar, bass and vocals
Bill Franz - Drums
Produced by Warren Schatz at Metropolitan Studios, NYC

Central Park Sheiks

1. Shipwrecked Man : Bert Lee (w/ Carla Bley - vocals)
2. I Was Doin' Alright : (George and Ira Gershwin)
3. The Prize : Bert Lee *
4. Way Down Yonder in New Orleans : (Turner Layton, Jr. ________________________________and Henry Creamer)
5. Stompin' At The Savoy : (Edgar Sampson)
6. Mr. Blake : Richard Leiberson
7. San Antonio Rose : (Bob Wills)
8. The People's Key : Robert Hipkens
9. The Memory of Your Smile : (Ralph and Carter Stanley)
10. Cherokee : (Ray Noble)
11. Wind in the Pines : Bert Lee *
12. Honeysuckle Rose : (Waller-Razoff)

1976 - New York
Flying Fish Records
(Later - Rounder Records, then EMI International)


Robert Hipkens - Dobro, trumpet and vocals
Richard Leiberson - Guitar and vocals
Bert Lee - Guitar and vocals
John Caruso - Bass
Gary Burke - drums
Produced by Michael Melford
Pines Studios, Woodstock New York, eng. by Michael Mantler
℗ 1976, Bert Lee, All Rights Reserved

North Go South Cover

Side A
1. Tourist Town : Bert Lee
2. Rainbow Wine : Bert Lee
3. The Sugarcane Fields : Bert Lee
4. Two Wrongs: Bert Lee

Side B:
1. Progress : Bert Lee
2. Kepler's Dream : Bert Lee
3. Daphne : Bert Lee (based on a Django Riff)
4. Blue Hotel : Bert Lee
5. Amnesia : Bert Lee
All Music ℗ 1989, Bert Lee, All Rights reserved

1981 - New York
Forward Ho Productions
My 1st Home Brewed Album

Note: the version of Daphne Here is actually a re-recording done a number of years later. The original files are long lost.


Side A:
1. Suspension Bridges
2. Liquid Architecture
3. The Emperor of Toys
4.Time's Arrow
5. Star Tide/Dance of Light

Side B:
1. The Counterfeit Counterpoint Lesson
2. Au Contraire
3. Ann Equestrian
4. The Crystal Skull
5. Apreture / Suspension Bridges
All Music ℗ 1989, Bert Lee, All Rights reserved

1984 - Key West and New York
Forward Ho Productions
My 2nd Home Bewed Album
Nothing Remains of this project except the thought that
in order to do good work, you have to start somewhere:
This was my first solely electronic effort. Cover Art By Jan Lang.
Poliwogz in Paradise Art work

1. The Deep
2. Miles Ahead
3. Primordial Poliwogz
4. The Green Shore
5. Poliwogz in Paradise
6. L'Aughrica



All Music ℗ 1989, Bert Lee, All Rights reserved

1989 - Key West
Produced by the Monroe County Fine Arts Commission
as the theme music for the 1989 Pretenders in Paradise Parade
Mixed with the help of Dan Simpson (Private Ear Studios)
Original on Cassette - Available on CD from me.
Living in the Stream Artwork

1. The Poor Boy Wanders
2. Trouble in the Zoo
3. You Don't ave a Name
4. Mr. Bigg
5. Living in the Stream
6. Living in this Dream
7. Bumpy Road
8. Journey Home


All Music ℗ 1991, Bert Lee, All Rights reserved

1991 - Key West
Co-Produced by Dan Simpson
My First Production as Mindwire Music
I am very proud of this work, and so very grateful for the tireless assistance of all my fine musical friends and expecially for Dan Simpson of Private Ear Studio for making this sound as good as it does. It was originally distributed on a cassette, and is now available on a high quality CD from me.
Nature of Things Cover Art

1. The Poor Boy Wanders
2. The Deep Back
3. Mr. Bigg
4. Trouble in the Zoo
5. L'Aughrica
6. Right By You
7. Living in the Stream
8. You're Free
9. Bumpy Road
10. The Deep is Back
11. Journey Home
All Music ℗ 1989, Bert Lee, All Rights reserved

1999 - New York
Bzzz Records
After a long hiatus not recording or promoting my songs I began making home printed disks. As can be seen, this is just a rehash mostly of recordings from Living in the stream, their first time on cd. The only newer tune is Right by you, here in it's original recording, Key West c. 1992.
Vintage Rambler Cover Art

1. Vintage Rambler (Bert Lee
2. April in Paris (Vernon Duke)
3. The Wave (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
4. Tears (Django Rheinhardt)
5. Manoire de mes Reves (Django Rheinhardt)
6. Daphne (Django Rheinhardt)
7. Crystal Silence (Chic Correa)
8. Angel Eyes (Matt Dennis - Earl Brent)
9. A Smoothe One (Charlie Christian)
10. The Girl From Ipanema (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
11. Jordu (Duke Jordan)
12. Stealin' Up on You (℗,Bert Lee, All Rights Reserved)

2000 - New York
Bzzz Records
Still just putting together my home studio, this was my first stab at recording vocals and guitars. As stated earlier, sometimes you have just churn out what you can to get to something better.
Butterfly Cover

1. Ghost Riders in the Sky (Stan Jones)
2. Dolorosa (Bert Lee)
3. The Ballad of Pancho and Lefty (Townes Van Zandt)
4. Butterfly
5. Blue Hotel (Bert Lee)
6. Tumblin' Tumbleweeds (Bob Nolan)
7. The Cowboy From Boston (Bert Lee)
8. Old Cowhand from the Rio Grand (Johnny Mercer)


Unless othereise noted ℗ 2002, Bert Lee, All Rights Reserved

2002 - New York
Mindwire Music
Here I am getting better at this process. My first internet distributed disk, farmed out to cdBaby, and generating several thousand sales. Still not the recording quality I would want but getting there.
oort cloud cover

1. Shout Love
2. The Departure
3.The Sad Spanish Man and the Beautiful Indian Girl
4. Little Finnegan
5. Oört Cloud
6. Soon Your Tears be Over


All Music ℗ 1989, Bert Lee, All Rights reserved

2003 - NewYork
Mindwire Music

This album built around a piece commissioned by the NSF for an exhibition of planetary landscape paintings features the first iterations of The Sad Spanish Man and Little Finnegan, which would evolve into some of my best recent work.
Big Wide 2013-Onward

1. The Sad Spanish Man and the Beautiful Indian Girl
2. Shipwrecked Man (w/Central Park Sheiks)
3. Right by You
4. The Departure
5. The Six Day Bicycle Racer
6. Butterfly
7.The Cowboy From Boston
8. Dolorosa
9. Isn't it Always
10. Long

All Music ℗ 1989, Bert Lee, All Rights reserved

2003 - New York
Mindwire Music
This recording, which is a compilation of tunes, some remixed and reimagined that I was asked to make for a presentation in Japan. The reason for this was that around this time I learned my old band the Sheiks had a serious following there, and when I contacted a group of Japanese fans, they requested a special mixed disk.
Girl In The Golden Atom Cover
1. I'm Asking You to Be My Girl
2. It's Not About the Weather
3. Change Is
4. Cheech! You've Got an Itch You Can't Scratch
5. The Six Day Bicycle Racer
6. Long
7. Big Water
8. My Friend Will
9. Monsters
10. The New Orient Express
11. Josephine
12. The Girl in the Golden Atom
All Music ℗ 1989, Bert Lee, All Rights reserved

2006 - New York
Mindwire Music
Originally conceived as a kind of tribute to the Beatles, at least in so far as it is unafraid to take chances... my last fully packaged CD project, with a pre-printed disk, mass produced cover art. Once again distributed through cdBaby... It was right about here that the market for cd's became pretty scarce and digital downloads reigned supreme. I'm very proud of the work on this disk.
1. Gypsy Djangles (Bert Lee)
2. I've Got the World on a String (Harold Arlen)
3. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby (Louis Jordan)
4. A Meeting of the tribes (Ray Noble - The Shadows)
5.Ghost Riders in the Sky (Stan Jones)
6. Wheels (Billy Vaughn)
7. Daphne (Rheinhardt, Grapelli, lyrics by Bert Lee)
8. Sunny Goodge Street (Dovoan Leitch)
9. San Antonio Rose (Bob Wills)
10. It's A Sin to Tell a Lie (Billy Mayhew)
11. Desifinado (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
12. Shipwrecked Man (Bert Lee w/ the Central Park Sheiks)
Unless noted ℗ 2008, Bert Lee, All Rights reserved
2008 - Key West
A very limited edition cd, used mostly as a demo and a training disk for accompanists when I moved to Key West again in 2008.
Rainbow Wine 2008 artwork

1. Spirit Voices (Paul Simon)
2. Rainbow Wine (Bert Lee - featuring Rolando Rojas)
3. Sly Thang (Bert Lee)
4. Amnesia (Bert Lee)
5. Northbound Train (Bert Lee)
6. Going Back to Harlan (Kate and Anna McGarrigle)
7. Moonlight Palomino (Bert Lee)
8. Cypress Avenue (Van Morrison)
9. In a Glade (Bert Lee)
10. Our BetterAngels (Bert Lee)

Unless noted ℗ 2008, Bert Lee, All Rights reserved

2013 - New York
Online Album
My first entirely online album. Developed as a Flash Movie, but also available in a variety of forms upon request.
Sound Poems Cover
1. The Deep
2. Poliwogz in Paradise
3. Primodial Soup
4. The Unfolding Moment
5. Sunrise
6. In A Glade
7. The Wheels of Time
8. Living in This Dream
9. L'Auphrica
10. Momenté Arriveé
11. The Coming Storm
12. In A Night Garden
13. E Rose in three movements
2013 - New York
Online Album
This is a sampler of my better Electronic Music, which I use as a demo for movie soundtrack commissions, something I believe I was born to do. Tough market to get into for older musicians, but I have faith...
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