From The Archives 1995 - 2017

When I was a kid I had a passing interest in art. I couldn't say I had any outstanding talent then, but I liked to draw and from time to time found enough focus to turn out decent sketches. But my interest in music quickly eclipsed this, and that new interest was fed by the availability in our school system of advanced music courses and some remarkable teachers.

However after I left school, I found myself doing a great deal of creative doodling, cartooning and from time to time, pretty tolerable drawing. We all know that music, unless you are very lucky, will not pay the bills, and I entered the workaday world, and there, in the fields of publishing and advertising, I got introduced to computers, layout, text design and color proofing. Sometime in my forties, I got exposed to computer art, both through photoshop and the then exploding realm of 3D art. I was lucky to have found work that nurtured those interests, including working in the photo industry, helping a large printing firm move from traditional to digital photography, and also as a beta-tester and program supervisor for start-up 3D graphic enterprises.

As I studied and learned each new program, I took the trouble, which turned into a real pleasure, to explore and create artwork in those mediums. This slideshow is a compendium of the evolution of that art. I hope you take the time to look through these images.