Bert Lee Upcoming Musical Performances & Presentations
This Winter and Spring

February 13th Caffe Vivaldi, Peter Spencer, Erik Frandsen, Chris Lowe, Hosted by Bert Lee

Three of a Kind Looking for a Full House
Caffe Vivaldi Open Mic

__If you are a performer looking for a pop-up gig in a lovely New York venue these are both gold for you. The Open Mic gives you a chance to present yourself to an interested and respectful LISTENING audience, and to make yourself known as a potential performer in the series I offer (Three of a Kind) where you can perform in company with other artists.

__Here's your invitation to make yourself known to us. You can do that by coming by on Monday Evenings, or by sending me your information. The Open Mic runs from 6:30 (sign-up time) until 11. If you're coming but can't make sign-up, text or call me at that time and I'll let you know if there are still openings - 347-631-9907.

__The Three of a Kind Shows (here's a history of those) are events where I carve out a bigger chunk of time for three or four acts to present. My criteria for this is based on your availability and which other acts I think will work well together to make a successful evening.


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