Bert Lee Upcoming Musical Performances & Presentations
This Fall and Midwinter at Caffe Vivaldi:

Sack Lunch Comedy and Music December


Here's a look ahead at some of the other shows I'm putting together for the coming months.

My series, Three of a Kind Looking for a Full House, has been steadily building a following. The next episode will be unleashed for the Christmas season, and the current plan is to put together an evening of modern, electronic and experimental music and I've got my thinking cap on about how to fill that ticket in a satisfying way.

I'll be spending some time in the studio for the next month or two, putting together an album of brand new tunes. I'm very excited about the shape it's already taking. Aside from writing, arranging and recording the basic rhythm tracks, I'm scouting around for instrumentalists and vocalists to bring their talents to it, and as more of that takes shape there will be notices here and in the usual social media channels.

I'll also be spending time in Philadelphia, making performing connections and introducing byself to players there, so in fact from time to time I may be a bit hard contact, but if you leave emails, I will always get right back to you:

Sometime in winter or early spring I have friends Larry Hanks and Deborah Robins coming into town, and I want to put together an evening of traditional music. Since Larry and Deborah represent for the cowboy component of their work, I'm going to put together an evening with that as a focus. Maybe get some Western Swing action in the line-up.

It's going to be a nice fall and early winter and I look forward to the performers I'm roping in and the audience that's proved interested in the spirit of these shows.

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